Just checking in… 

So this week and last week I’ve been so busy! Busy with lashes, busy with work, busy with packing and moving and of course Connor. I’m so happy to say I’m nearly settled at my mums!💜 still got lots to pack in my house for storage but I have 3 weeks to complete all that so I’m just concentrating on getting Connor sorted and back in a routine at nanas house. Pros to living with mum has to be having a babysitter on tap! I no longer need to turn down nights out or girls nights or anything like that which I’m excited for, also having her help with Connor etc. I can’t wait to not worry about bills and rent because it was all my responsibility! I’m going to treat me and my Connor lots for the next couple of months and just take full advantage of the financial situation I’m now in😊. 

Mother’s Day was lovely although mum and I ended up packing most of my room in my house up! She went out and got a present and card for Connor to give to me it was so cute. She’s prevented a lot of tears from me this month and Im so thankful for her! Connor seems to be doing ok, he’s not showed any sign he’s struggling with adjusting but maybe when things arnt so hectic I might see a couple of changes from him. But he’s doing fine and sticking by my side constantly!❤

I’ve been so busy with lashes this month and next month! I’m so greatful for my little business and my loyal clients but I probably should of taken a break until I had settled 😂. One thing about moving is I’ve realised I’m a sodden hoarder! I have so many black bags of clothes and bags and shoes and house bits and pieces that I’m desperate to do a car boot!! I haven’t done one for years but all I remember from the last one I did was people trying to get in the car to see what you got and grab the first bargains! It’s mental I wonder if it’s still like that?! 

I can’t wait for centerparcs next month, my bestie booked us into the spa again this year so I can’t wait for that!! I feel like I’ve reached my limit now where I just need to chill! I think where I’ve been non stop and on an emotional rollercoaster for over a month now I’m pretty drained. All I need now is an early night and maybe someone to pack my storage boxes for me 😂 I reckon that would take a load off ha! 

I saw this thing the other week which I shared on Instagram and I think it completely summed me and my mood up for march… 

So here’s to April, getting my shit together and living a little without the stresses! 👏🏼💜


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