YSL touche éclat le teint foundation review 😍

So I’ve done a couple of posts on makeup etc and I’ve said in my Mac makeup review I have quite oily skin so struggle to find a foundation that lasts the whole day. You get some people who want flawless skin 24/7 but only want to pay pennies for the products, I’m not like that, I’ll pay whatever price if I think the product is worth it and the YSL foundation is- I love it!!

It offers a full coverage and flawless radiance. Looking online before I bought the bottle there were over 1,800 5* reviews! It’s infused with the illuminating light of Touche éclat for a radiant complextion. With long lasting wear, full coverage and it feels weightless on the skin, it’s a must try.

Speaking to a YSL makeup counter lady when I bought the product I explained that I often find that foundation tends to separate after a few hours on my skin, or if I’ve topped it up through the day. She informed me that this happens to a lot of powder based foundations and YSL touche éclat le teint foundation contains no powder so is perfect for building up layers and then I can use my setting powder on top as my skin can become oily.

I use a foundation brush anyway but I was told to almost buff the foundation in to blend rather than wipe it in with a brush, so I thought perfect opportunity to get a new foundation brush too!

This by far is a must have brush! I love it!! I’ve picked up 2 this one and a big one that I ordered online to try but you can get this one pictured in primark for £1!!! They are brilliant and you really get that “buffing” affect that I was told to do with this foundation.

You can pick the YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT LE TEINT Foundation up here 👉🏼 Boots YSL foundation for £33.50.

It’s slightly pricey but in my opinion oh so worth it and I love building it up on nights out.

✌🏼+❤ Ox

everything written in this post are of my own views on these products and nobody else’s. the products are available in other shops and sites, and all pictures are my own.

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