April check up💕

Hi everyone, 

So I’ve noticed i haven’t posted for a week or so, it’s hard keeping on top of all the social media accounts as well as scheduling posts on the blog! You’ll all be happy to know I’m finally settling down now, life’s still stressful but I’m completely moved out of my house, the cleaners have been in and I give the keys back on Friday!! I stood in there the other day and decided I just have mixed emotions about the whole transition. It’s empty, there’s no pictures on the walls, no beds up, no furniture and it doesn’t look like my home anymore. But it doesn’t stop me wanting to put the house back together and put the pictures back on the walls. My parents have been brilliant though with all the help! Me and dad moved Connors bedroom furniture out with just me as help! I felt like bloody super woman😂 living back with mum has actually been amazing, she’s helped me so much with Connor in the mornings before school and work and the evenings with dinner or if I pop out when he’s in bed, and Saturdays while I’m working all day! 

Connors settling, it’s really hard for me as a parent to decide what’s good for him. At the moment he’s staying with me full time just for the time being, I don’t believe he’s safe anywhere else right now and once things are sorted with his dad it can go back to normal. I’ve always been infuriated by parents that use their children as weapons against the other parent and I continue to stand by that. But when there are 2 sides to a story, 2 reasons to why things are happening and a mother who will keep their child shielded from as much as she can, who’s to argue? I think people presume that because the mother is usually in control of the kids etc that it always goes in her favour and people a very quick to judge. But if you don’t know the reasons behind the decisions made is your opinion really fair?? I always have been very outspoken and always will be, I say what I want and if people don’t like it then I couldn’t really care less but I’ve been ridiculously hurt, upset, and angry and now I’m pushing through all that stressful emotion and coming out the other side,  I’m trying to do what’s best for Connor because that’s all that matters. These last 2 months have been the hardest yet, I’ve seen Connor go from being his happy little self to being quite flat and not really know what’s going on, all he knew was mum is always upset but now we are settling at my mums house and it’s all calmed down he’s back to being the cheekiest outspoken kid ever- I don’t know where he gets it from 🙈.  

I can’t wait till Monday, Connor can’t wait till Monday, we are all excited for Monday!! Off to centerparcs we go and I can’t wait! To have a laugh with friends, be outdoors and let the kids run wild, do things all together and maybe drink wine and cocktails from morning till night 😂😝. Connor is so excited every morning since Sunday he’s told me how many sleeps we’ve got left thanks to Georgie! Hopefully the weather will be good and we can BBQ outside again this year and sit in the sun! I’ll be doing a little Day by day blog post about it and I may even rope everyone in to Vlogging with me!! So look out for all of that once we are back. You can read all about our last visit here Our break to centerparcs

Connors been a right jammy sod this month, in total he’s done one week at school for the whole of April! These easter holidays are ridiculously long, I always say take one week off at Easter and add it to Christmas so the kids are off a little longer then instead of bloody April! What is that all about?? On Monday morning I still have to do “the school run” as such because Connors birthday is in 3 weeks and we need to get his party invites out so people have enough notice. I tell you it’s hard work all this parent malarkey! And it costs a freakin fortune!! 

I’m sat at work writing this with Connor here because of the sodden half term and he’s been such a good boy, I’ve promised him faithfully that because he’s been so good with me at work this week we will go and feed the ducks this afternoon 🦆🦆 so that’s the plan of action! 
Think I’m going to start ending each personal post with a little thought of the day or some words of wisdom- so here’s my thought for today, be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

✌🏼+❤️ Ox 

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