Centerparcs 2017 🌲🍃

I’ve made no secret how much fun centerparcs is! I think it’s great for the kids and adults and I could easily go for a girly long weekend with lots of cocktails and spa treatments or for a busy, non stop week with the kids. 

We’ve just got back from our week away and yet again we all came home planning to book the next one. From September I’ll have to be careful booking holidays and trips for Connor because he’ll be 5 and school will be stricter. So far I’ve managed to use the excuse that he’s not reached the required legal age of 5 that he has to be in full time school and if I got fined I’d pull him out until he had reached that age 😏. It’s worked brilliantly the last 2 holidays and I’ve had no problem with his school and getting time off but I have a feeling it’s all about to change and I’ll no longer be able to use that excuse come September. Whenever I mention centerparcs to my clients I hear the same thing every time, ” oh it’s really expensive so we don’t even look” well I can tell you it’s not. If you can get your kids out of school or they haven’t started school yet then go for it and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. For 5 adults and 4 kids it cost us £600 all in during term time. I have looked at the prices during school holidays and like most holidays it does double in price and I do always think for that amount of money I’d go abroad so I do understand the reluctance if you have no choice but school holiday time. 

This past week I felt like all I’ve done is laugh constantly. I’m not going to lie I was slightly worried about going on my own with my friends that were coupled and thought at times I’d feel like the 5th wheel but my friends were so good and I only had a little wobble once. I think I stressed myself out more thinking of being on my own away with Connor I forgot that my friends would help out 😌. The guys had a daddies afternoon on the Wednesday so us girls could enjoy a spa day (a must do whilst your there) and they included Connor and told me not to worry and I was so greatful for some girly time. I don’t know about anyone else but I do panic leaving Connor with others just because I know he can be a handful at times but luckily he was a good boy and the guys took the kids out and got them ice creams so i had no reason to worry. 


The spa again didn’t disappoint. We used all the facilities and had a liquid lunch of prosecco because it’s a must! We were all a bit tipsy going back in after the drinks so we did have a giggle! Girl chats whilst relaxing and being pampered with a bottle of fizz is the cure to all I swear. 

Because there was a variety of ages with the kids this time we had to make sure we covered everything for all of them. I’m quite lucky now that Connors that little bit older, he can go off and play and doesn’t need me following him around anymore but also still finds all the soft play etc brilliant and hasn’t grown out of that yet. The little ones were both 1 so it was soft play and the swings for them and the oldest is 10 so he wizzed round on his scooter and went on the rapids lots most of the week. 

The swimming is amazing! With the outside rapids, the many hot tubs inside and out, the wave pool, the kids separate splash park and lots of slides for the adults and kids it’s so much fun. Luckily the guys took Connor down the slides as I couldn’t get my hair wet #hairextensions. So us girls sat in the outside hot tub with the babies while Connor splashed around testing out his goggles £12.50 goggles might I add 😳 while the boys went off on the rapids.

Like I said last year, all I’d say when going on these sorts of holidays is make sure you’ve got lots of spending money to eat out etc. There are so many nice places to eat out that you won’t be able to resist so just prepare yourself because it’s a bit pricey. This time it was only me and Connor so I wasn’t paying as much as what my friends were but I was also doing it all on my own so still expensive. 

Top 3 restaurants are…. 

  1. Hucks American diner!! Amazing loved it last year and loved it this year we ate loads and drank lots of amazing cocktails and the staff are lovely! 
  2. Las iguanas! Lovely food and a little soft play bit for the kids to play in! 

3. The pancake house! Everyone has to try it, it’s amazing and really quick service. We were seated pretty quick and the food was out in no time so definitely a must try whilst there! 

We also decided to book an activity for the little ones to do this time so off we went to pottery painting. I always thought I was a bit arty but I think all of us came out a bit stressed after😂 it was very fiddly but we all came away with nice things. Activity was £5.50 adult and £4.50 a child then you pick the thing you want to paint and they start from £10. 

Our plates were all glossed and ready to pick up the next morning! There’s so many play parks, amusements, swimming and soft play that you really don’t need to add on the activities if you can’t afford it, so don’t think that centerparcs is based around all these outgoing activities because it’s not. Don’t get me wrong if you want to do all that then you’ll be in your element but I’m not a bike rider, I’m not one to jump from trees etc but every year I leave there feeling like we’ve done so much, got lots of exercise and worn the kids out. So it really caters to everyone. 

We all had a ball we laughed loads and I’m seriously suffering from holiday blues now I’m home. Maybe I’ll have a little look whilst I’m at work tomorrow for some sun holidays 😝. 

Same time next year Centerparcs

If you want to read about our trip last year you can here 👉🏼 Our trip to centerparcs 2016

✌🏼+❤️ Ox 

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