Connor turns 5- May roundup! 

As always I’ve been so busy I forgot to post about Connors 5th birthday! 

I cannot believe he’s 5 what the hell?! How do I have a 5 year old?? It boggles my mind. I decided I wasn’t going to bother doing Connors party myself this year renting a hall, bouncy castle, dj, bloody face painter and food! It costs a fortune once you’ve sorted the whole party out and invited the 101 kids you know! So I thought easiest thing to do was find somewhere that I pay one payment and they sort everything out, so we chose adventure wonderland out at hurn. Connor invited 8 friends from school, his sister and my best friends little boy Isaac. So 10 kids in total, they all got hot food and party bags and use of the indoor play area and outside park rides. He had the best day and I was so happy to see Millie! 

His birthday was the next day so luke was round at 7.15 Monday morning to open presents with us and take him to school. After school we opened some more presents and luke and I took him out for dinner so he spent his birthday with mummy and daddy. He was such a spoilt boy and he had the best couple of days celebrating. 

Mays been a really hectic month- I booked a couple of courses to go on which is exciting, lashes and work have kept me super busy! Connors birthday was mental and now half term is here this week and the kids break up today! I have a feeling Connors about to have the best half term 😍!!   We are going to add new stock to our clothing site soon for the summer so keep a look out at 381ICON boutique and you can like us on Facebook and Twitter

keep an eye out for what we get up too over half term! I’m so excited, there will be a blog post up with just what we did!! 

Waking up to more terrorist news Tuesday morning was just awful. I just can’t believe this happened in a place that was so full of children and teenagers having such an amazing night that just ended in tragedy. My heart hurts for the parents who have lost their kids in that awful act of hate, kids and family members going to a concert and not returning is something no parent should ever have to worry about. All the youngsters that will never go to a concert again because of the trauma this has caused. It’s just so sad, it makes me fear for our kids. I saw a quote that a lot of people have posted on social media and it says “I wouldn’t change my children for the world but I wish we could change the world for our children”. It really made me think, what is this world coming to?? What’s to come for our children’s generation. Innocent lives taken and for what?? And just while I was thinking about all these bad things happening as I was scrolling through twitter, I then realised that no matter where we are from in the world, what race we are or what language we speak, we always come together and stand united when tragedy strikes and that’s the tiny bit of positive that came out of something so horrendously negative. Reading on Tuesday morning about all the help people were offering, taxi drivers taking people home and hotels taking lost kids and adults in to keep them safe that’s what defines us as a country. Its not what others do TO us it’s what we do FOR others, It’s in our nature to help. 💕

I found this quote so I’ll leave you with it for my thought of the day ❤️ …. “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear”- Martin Luther king jr. 

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