Beating the bullies with 13 Reasons Why ❤️

So I recently got round to watching 13 reasons why and it certainly didn’t disappoint. It really got me thinking about the affect bullies really have on these kids, teenagers and young adults who are suffering in silence.

If you haven’t seen it there’s no doubt you must! Here’s my brief description of the show- Hannah, a teenager who suddenly commits suicide leaves behind tapes, 13 tapes with 13 reasons as to why she did what she did and who pushed her towards taking her own life. It’s set in an all american high school with the popular kids, the quiet kids, the kids who follow and the kids that suffer. Clay Who’s on the list to  receive the tapes struggles dealing with the issues and uncomfortable reasons that come to light while listening and learns why he is also on them and what his contribution was to Hannah’s death.

I don’t want to give to much away because it’ll ruin the story and the messages delivered in this strong and at times incredibly uncomfortable series. It highlights so many huge problems kids, teenagers and adults are dealing with through school, college, and in the work place, such as rape, bullying in many different forms, bullying without realising and suicide. Bullying is such a problem all over the world and I think this series will have changed the way people think towards these issues already. Once I finished the series it really got me thinking, thinking about how I was when I was at school, how I want to bring my son up so he isn’t victim or influencer through his school years, and just how much of a problem bullying is here in the u.k, so I decided to do some research and I was really quite shocked with what I learnt.

Online bullying seems to be the main target now with An estimated 5.43 Million young people in the U.K alone experiencing online cyber bullying, with 1.26 Million subject to extreme online bullying on a daily basis.

Did you know that ChildLine had over 24000 cases of child counselling last year regarding bullying, And more than 16000 young people are absent from school each year because of bullying? I mean 16,000 kids ageing between 11-20 put their education at risk because it’s easier for them not to go to school and suffer at the hands of a bully!

83% of young people say bullying has had a huge negative impact on their self esteem and 30% of young people have gone on to self harm and 10% have attempted suicide as a result of bullying.

This is astonishing, and reading through the websites I used to do my research I couldn’t believe some of these statistics. I mean 7 in 10 young people between 13 and 22 will have been victim of online bullies! Facebook, twitter and Instagram the majority of us have now, which means we are all putting ourselves out there as targets for online trolls.

We all think the world of our kids and as parents I think we should be educating them on the impact they can have on other children. If you have teenagers sit and watch 13 reasons why with them and make sure they understand what they are watching. Speak to your kids and make sure they are not suffering at the hands of a bully. Another thing this series taught me was that parents can think everything is fine with their kids all the while they are dealing with something so big that they feel they can’t speak about it to parents or teachers and end up making some life shattering decisions that could have been prevented if they’d just involved adults.

13 reasons why is available to view on Netflix now and I urge everyone who hasn’t seen it to go and do so!
All the information I sourced was from and and you can visit the 13REASONS website here for the crisis helpline via the series.

Bullying is NOT ok and everyone’s lives matter!❤️

✌🏼+❤️ Ox

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  1. Another great blog, it is definitely an eye opener on how easy it is to be a victim with social media.

    Thank you for highlighting the problems

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