10 simple DIY hair tips you must know!

Hi guys, I’ve been looking through the internet and Pinterest in search of some top hair hacks that we all must try. I love finding some tips and tricks and sharing my finds with you all and then hearing your verdict. So like my post 5 Skin and beauty hacks everyone should know , I’ve decided to do another one like that but for your hair this time because let’s face it, like our skin our hair can also take a battering from time to time!

Now it’s no secret I often wear extensions which takes a lot of time when washing and drying and taking care of them as well as my natural hair. So I definitely benefit from learning these new tips and I am always after a hair mask to try!

1. Concentrate on the ends!

Now unless you suffer from a very dry scalp, most of us should only be applying conditioner to the ends of our hair. Because of the oils provided in conditioner we can over oil our roots making them greasy a lot quicker. If like me you have fine hair you’ll know the struggles of gaining greasy hair quickly and I often wash my hair every other day! So try nourishing your ends with conditioner going 3/4 of the way up and leaving the roots squeaky clean with shampoo. I’ve done this for a long time and my hair definitely benefits from it!

2. Use a wide tooth comb or detangling brush

Many people will have been making this mistake for years, instead of using a paddle brush to comb out your tangled towel dried hair try using a wide tooth comb or a detangling brush. Start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up, this will stop the pressure and tugging and cause less stress to the hair. If your really prone to tangles and knots try leaving a wide tooth comb in the shower and brush through your hair whilst conditioning. This is a rule I live by when taking care of my hair and the brushes/combs I use!

3. Massaging your scalp.

People often forget that this is one of the easiest and cost effective ways of stimulating hair growth! So if your growing you hair out do this every time you wash your hair! Why not?! This method also strengthens your roots, it’s also known that increasing blood flow from massaging can reduce stress, put you in a better mood and relieve pain by improving circulation. Sounds like a win win to me!

4. Don’t be afraid of those lazy days!

We all have those days where standing in front of a mirror for an hour faffing with our hair is the last thing we want to do, or we’ve just woke up late and there simply isn’t enough time! That’s fine, keep a small spray bottle handy and if like me you wake up with bedhead give your hair a quick spray and re-blow dry into place. I often use this on my fringe as I have a middle parting and sweeping bangs so I spray my fringe, grab a large round brush and blow dry into shape. Top tip; using a good hair serum works wonders on taming those fly aways and giving a good shine to your hair. It’ll also last you forever because you only need a small pea sized amount!

5. Always brush before you wash!

It may sound silly brushing your hair before getting in the shower and messing it all back up again shampooing and conditioning but it makes sense. Most of us loose lots of hair while washing and it all ends up down the drain! So brush before you wash to reduce the drain blockages and always remember to clean out your brushes! it’s also beneficial to people who struggle with tangles.

6. Let your products absorb!

On average a woman spends about £300 a year on styling products and hair treatments and masks but most of us aren’t gaining the full benefits from these products. When we apply conditioner we leave it for a few minutes in the shower to let it soak in, so when you get out of the shower and brush your damp hair apply your products straight away and let them soak in for 10 minutes before getting out the hair dryer and other various styling tools.

7. Easy beach waves.

Now I have 2 ways of creating the much desired beach waves and both ways I use. If my hair is dry and straight I heat up my curling wand ( I use a fairly wide one) and separate my hair into sections. I take the first section and wrap my hair around it but only until I’m a little over half way down! I do not curl right to the end and this is very important to remember. I also curl in different directions, once I’ve done this to every section I brush it all out!! I know stay with me though, I get a small amount of serum and rub it into my hands and drag it through my hair. This creates a Beachy wave and the ends being straight gives it a brilliant texture- it’s a must try I swear by it.

I’ve also sourced a way of achieving beach waves starting from wet hair. Dry about 80% of your hair and then section your hair off and with each section twist them all the way down and then blow dry! It takes a bit of time but it does work! Especially if your after a messier effortless wave- you can also apply some mousse to wet hair and this will hold the shape better when your “twirling and drying”.

8. Switch to silk.

Most of us sleep on cotton pillow cases right? But there’s a real benefit to sleeping on silk. Stay with me on this one, not only is it beneficial to your skin but it does wonders for your hair while you catch some Zs. Cotton robs your hair of moisture causing bedhead and grease, it’s also harsher on your hair and causes more damage to split ends! It may not seem so bad but our pillow cases we sleep on every night so it takes its toll on our hair. Switch to silk or satin and watch the difference!

9. DIY olive oil, coconut oil and egg mask.

This is the ultimate mask for hair growth. Warm 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, let it cool and add 1-2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix together and apply leaving on for 20-30 minutes.

10. DIY peppermint oil and avocado mask.

Avocados are creamy, rich and the o lot fruit containing the protein of meat, fat of butter and vitamins and minerals of green veg. Mash some avocado up, add 1-2 drops of peppermint oil and apply. Leave for 15-20 minutes and wash off.

here I’ve listed all the products i use daily and where you can purchase them-

Please leave your comments in the comment box and let me know if you’ve tried or going to try any of these tips/ trick and what you think!!

Thanks guys,

✌🏼+❤️ Ox

Some of the information I’ve used was sourced from Pinterest.com and Listotic.com pictures were sourced from google and everything written is of my own opinion and experience.


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