6 weeks pregnant! ❤️

January 8th 2018 week6

So I’ve decided to keep a little diary over the next 7.5 months to document my progress and how I’m feeling because I AM PREGNANT!!! I have been told by my midwife I’m about 5w4d pregnant and I have my first doctors appointment and midwife appointment tomorrow! (Tuesday 9th).

Because of my diabetes I have to be monitored closely to make sure the baby is developing nicely and my blood sugar levels are as under control as possible throughout pregnancy, so I do get early scans and appointments every 2 weeks and docs and midwives on speed dial!

So here I’ve decided to jot down my progress, symptoms, moods and feelings in general each week, it’s been a really emotional rollercoaster for us to finally get to this place so I’ll pop some insights in to that throughout my diary! As this first diary post goes out I’ll be well over 12 weeks so it’ll be quite nice to read back through the early weeks! Here goes……

Emotional state-

I’m feeling really good in myself. I have the normal symptoms of early pregnancy such as sore breasts and weeing constantly, I’m so tired a lot more than normal, and I’m a little achy. Overall though I feel bloody brilliant and so overwhelmingly happy that I’m finally pregnant. It’s been a long time coming for us almost 3 years on and off and after suffering a miscarriage back in August 2017 I was starting to doubt it was ever going to happen for us again. But here we are, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it!

Cravings– No cravings yet the only thing I’m noticing is every time I eat I literally bloat out like a balloon! 🎈 and I loovvveee oranges?!

Things that are irritating me- Luke’s aftershaves absolutely stink! He wore one the other day that literally put me in a bad mood haha!! Some days I’m waking up and I’m just moody, I have no explanation for it and if Luke asks me why I tell him “because I am”!! 😂 it doesn’t last to long though thank god! I also can smell things from a mile away, the bin was so bad the other day I couldn’t even empty it! My mum couldn’t smell anything! So weird!

Tummy changes- no changes just yet although I am reading lots of mums-to-be on pregnancy sites that are convinced they have bumps at 5-6 weeks🤦🏼‍♀️ does make me feel better about my bloated balloon issue though 😂.

Facts I’ve learnt from my googling obsession- I recently googled why I was peeing so much. And I didn’t realise that the early stages of pregnancy is common for this because your cervix is expanding and your body is preparing to carry a baby which can tend to affect your bladder because it’s all still low down. As the baby grows it moves up into your tummy which relieves your bladder and then the baby moves back down to get ready to come out which is why the symptom then comes back.

Pregnancy tests taken- I have taken 8 so far. 4 strip tests, 3 stick tests and a clear blue digital. I promised my mum I’d do 1 and then leave it until my appointments but no pregnant woman can do just 1 surely?! Anyway I know Im obsessed and I have made peace with the fact the clear blue digi test was my last. It helps that my appointments are tomorrow though!! Ha!

It feels like a lifetime ago I was pregnant with my first so to me this seems almost like a first pregnancy again, I can’t wait to tell Connor he’s going to be a big brother he’s going to be so excited and will be so kind and caring. If you asked me a couple of years ago my preference I’d have told everyone a girl, then I would have 1 of each and Luke would have 2 girls and his boy but now? Now I have no preference, I wish for a healthy baby and that’s it. A brother would be fab for Connor a sister would be fab for Millie, but it could be a baby elephant and I’d be happy!!

Throughout my diary I will be documenting everything, and I’m so looking forward to what’s to come!!


Keep an eye out for the pregnancy diaries entries coming over the next few days. I have a few entries to post until I’m up to date so will be posting every day/ every otherday!


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