7 weeks pregnant 💙

January 14th week7

Hi guys! So I’m almost approaching week 8 and I feel so good. I’m suffering slightly with the mood swings and I’m so emotional I almost cried when Connor knocked over some nail polishes at my dads this week, and shed a tear at a girl singing on the voice which then prompted mum, luke and me to burst out laughing!

My diabetes is all over the place this week, I remember in the early stages of being pregnant with Connor it took a while to control my bloods and learn the adjustments. So this time round I’m trying to be really hot on it and I’m testing my blood sugar levels every couple of hours and writing the results in the back of my diary ready for my diabetic clinic appointment on the 2nd Feb! I’m hoping my midwife and doctor who will be helping me through my pregnancy will be able to advise me on how to keep my bloods down and teach me a couple of tips and tricks.

Emotional state- like I said above I’m suffering a little with the mood swings and emotional hormones going through my body at the moment. Overall I’m ok I’m happy and calm but it’s a quick switch when something happens or is said, then I have to work quite hard to snap myself out. I’m not as sore this week that symptom seems to have calmed, but when I press around my chest it does still feel achy and sore. I had my first experience of morning sickness this week! I was sat at work on Wednesday morning and a really sick feeling came over me that if I was over the toilet I’m pretty sure I’d have been sick. It didn’t last too long though maybe half an hour tops and I haven’t had anything since that morning. Whilst I was pregnant with Connor I didn’t have any morning sickness whatsoever so I’m wandering if this time around I’ll get something. This week the tiredness has hit in full force, all I want to do is be in bed!

Cravings- no cravings as of yet other than fruit, which is strange because that was a craving with Connor! I’m still bloating like a balloon.

Things that are irritating me- the irritations have calmed this week slightly, I’m just a little touchy. Chewing has always been a pet peeve of mine but that seems to be at an all time high at the moment!

Tummy changes- my tummy is starting to go slightly hard right at the bottom especially when I’m stood up. I definitely don’t have a bump but I think where I’m bloating every time I eat it kinda looks like I have a really little bump.

Facts I’ve learnt from google- so as I said last week I’m googling everyyyyythingggg! I’ve learnt a couple of things this week, 1 being I can still eat shop bought sushi which is a dream for me as I eat a lot of sushi. As long as the raw fish has been frozen previously to kill any kind of bacteria then it’s all good. All supermarket sushi will have been frozen before going on the shelves so that’s safe and if I happen to get it from a restaurant I just have to ask. The second thing I’ve learnt is actually quite painful for me, and it’s that I can only drink 3 cups of tea/coffee a day!!! I am a tea coffee addict so this morning when I wanted my second cup of tea at 9.37am I had to stop myself as I need to spread the cups out 😂 it’s the worst!!

I’ve had lots of apps through the post this week- I have a midwife app on the 29th jan, a clinic app on the 2nd Feb and my 3 month scan came through for the 20th Feb which I’m going to have to change as I’ll be at work. Although it’s weird to think by the time you guys are reading this all these apps will be over and done with and I’ll be in to my second trimester!😱

By Tuesday I’ll be in my 8th week, I’m so excited to be pushing the 3 month mark it still seems ages away but it really isn’t. Once I’m there I’ll be feeling better, I won’t be as worried and then the secret can come out!

Baby B is the size of a jelly bean this week!


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