9 weeks pregnant ❤️

February 1st – 9 weeks today!

Guys! 9 weeks today and the 12 week mark finally feels like it’s in our reach!

We finally got our scan, luke said he panicked to start with because my tummy looked empty on the screen 😂 luckily they found baby and everything looked great. And I measured at exactly what the Doctors worked me out to be so that was a relief, all I worried about was going into that scan and the nurse saying “oh no your only 4 weeks” could you imagine?! But all was good and I was spot on 8w1d pregnant at the time.

I’m hoping the next couple of weeks go quite quick as it’s my birthday on the 16th and our 3 month scan is on the 20th and then we are off to DISNEYLAND on the 25th! So lots of dates to look forward to this month!

Emotional state-

My emotional state in the last 2 weeks has been what you could say as “fragile”. I’ve been really really up and down! It doesn’t help that I’ve got stress from work at the moment which is bloody unhelpful and not good for my emotional state but I’m also going from happy and laughing to balling my eyes out in a split second! I was driving to work the other morning listening to my old school Spotify and on comes Mariah Carey, Im singing along loving life and then boom, crying behind the wheel trying to see through the tears. So I’ve now placed myself on a Mariah ban which could bring me to tears in itself. I can’t watch the voice either now, a girl was on it the other day and she just had the voice of an angel and again there I was balling😭. I feel like I need a sign round my neck saying “crying mess approach with caution”.


Morning sickness is in full swing, I’m not actually throwing up but from 8am-10ish, 2pm and 5.30-10pm I have a constant sick feeling which I’ve been told to eat through. The only problem with that is it’s quite a few intervals during the day which is a lot of bloody snacking!! Not to mention the CHEESE ADDICTION I seem to have accumulated! This week all I’ve eaten is cheese, cheese sandwiches, cheesy bakes, cheese strings, grated cheese on all sorts, so I’m on another ban. A cheese ban, before im the size of a house🤦🏼‍♀️🧀. I’ve had my first sign of going off something though, shop bought sandwich chicken! You know like chicken salad sandwiches or chicken sandwich filler etc. It makes me feel so bloody sick which is strange because when I was pregnant with Connor I craved chicken salad sandwiches!!!

Things that are irritating me- attitudes are irritating me, if you’ve got a slight tone in your voice that I don’t like it’ll put me in a bad mood 😂. Tiredness is irritating me now, I wish I had my normal energy back, so the quicker the fatigue sorts itself out the better for me!

Tummy changes- well bloated is an understatement. I only have to smell food and I bloat! Something I can’t wait for is for it all to move down so I feel comfortable in my jeans again.

Things I’ve learnt from my googling obsession- well as I’ve explained previously I have a googling obsession on a good day so you can imagine how many times I google things in a day now!

I’ve recently learnt a lot about the egg saga. It’s very confusing trying to work out what is safe and what isn’t when it comes to eggs and mayonnaise/ sauces. So here’s a screen shot that helped me decide what I could and couldn’t eat-


If in doubt always ask!! It’s better to eat something that’s well cooked than something that isn’t and could potentially make you poorly.

Overall I feel ok, I feel great in regards to baby and I’m happy to battle with all these annoying emotions and sickness.

My main goal for this week is to try and stay chilled, try and keep calm and take care of myself and look forward to this month because there is lots to look forward too!


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