12 weeks pregnant ❤️

February 20th – 12 weeks pregnant!!

YAAAAASSSS this week is finally here!!! 3 months pregnant and I have my scan today!! This last week/ten days have gone pretty quick as it was my birthday last Friday so we’ve been going out for dinners and I’ve been treated to lots of pretty things for my special day of birth 😂.

Diabetes is at an all time annoyance at the moment, it can’t decide what it’s bloody doing but I’m hoping now I’m coming out of the first trimester it will settle down. So this means I’ve had lots of trips to diabetic clinic😴.

Emotional state- I’m ok this week, I’ve had a few tears over a couple of different things and I’ve found myself getting in a bit of a stew over silly things so I’m hoping this week is the last week of erratic keleigh. This first trimester has been so different to when I was pregnant with Connor. I’m not sure if I have selective memory over Connors pregnancy now as it was so long ago but I’m so much more aware of my moods and emotions this time round!

Cravings- the cheese craving is at an all time high and I just have this awful feeling that it’s going to stick with me for my whole pregnancy 😩. So I’m sticking to cheese strings and hoping it suppresses it enough so I don’t pile on the weight! Other than that I think I’m ok, I’ve not had any fast food this week so that’s a bonus isn’t it?!

Things that are irritating me- I think I’ve been ok this week? I’ve still got that short fuse but I don’t think I’ve been irritated as much!

Tummy changes- my tummy is starting to harden! A couple of people have said I’ve got a little bump on it’s way I just think I’m bloated as crap! But I have noticed especially when I’m stood up my tummy is pretty much rock hard already.

Things I’ve learnt from my googling obsession- so I’ve been googling some weird shit this past week! But my main fact is that you cannot eat peperami’s while pregnant because it’s a cured meat, not cooked! So that was absolutely devastating for me!! And now that’s all I want to eat!

UPDATE** so I wrote this post this morning, I am now home from my scan and I’m so happy to say that everything is how it should be and I’m 12w3d! So a tad further which is always nice! My due date is 1st Sept 2018 but I will be induced at least 2 weeks early so baby will be here by late August!! Connor always gave us bloody brilliantly scan photos and it looks like this baby is going to follow in their big brothers foot steps 😍 baby was so wriggly it literally melted me!


I’m so happy I can finally relax a bit more and pick little things up when I see them!

Check out my previous diary entry if you fancy another read here👉🏼 10 weeks pregnant 💙

leave any comments below!


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