Disneyland Paris 2018✨

Disneyland was amazing. We all had the best time, it was such an amazing experience seeing the kids in awe of everything!

We went Sunday-Wednesday and Sunday was an early start for us at 5.15am. The kids were on another level of excitement which don’t get me wrong it was lovely to see but by the time we arrived in Paris at about 3pm boy were we ready to give them sedatives!😂

We stayed at the Disney B&B which had a shuttle running every 10 minutes to and from the parks and the journey was no more than 5 minutes long but god did those shuttle buses get full in the evening! Gave me anxiety with the kids! Our hotel was nice and clean, was bed and breakfast and the staff spoke English although they weren’t the most helpful bunch of people!

The holiday itself cost us a bloody fortune, so I’m glad we planned the whole thing to a tee and we were pretty much paid up before Christmas. It made it easier to save spending money after Xmas knowing that’s all we needed to get together, and also it allowed us to get really excited because we weren’t panicking about still having to pay things off. We really researched before booking so we could make sure if we could save money we would and I think the way we did it saved us a couple of hundred. We decided to book it all separate in the end and booking the whole holiday through Disney itself was extortionate. So we did-

  • Hotel
  • Both park tickets
  • Eurostar
  • Transfers

We decided to drive up to London and leave our car at a car park in Camden Town. The car park dropped and picked us up from st Pancras train station which was brilliant and it only cost us £50 to leave the car 4 days.

Once we were in Paris and settled at the hotel the stress of travelling disappeared and we decided to get ready and go out to Disney Village to find some dinner and look round the shops. The first night was amazing we were just strolling around, shopping and we ate in the Rainforest Cafe which if anyone is going to Disney you need to visit this restaurant. ITS THE BEST! And the kids bloody loved it!

I cannot stress enough though just how expensive food and drink is over there. People kept telling me ” make sure you take loads of spending money it’s really expensive”! Boy it’s true our first meal out cost us €90! Luke and I nearly had a heart attack but luckily we did have plenty of spending money. The kids had their own spending money from Christmas that we took so they could buy the toys/teddies they wanted.

The parks were amazing, I’ve been to both America and Paris Disneyland but it’s a whole different experience with young kids. There’s soooo much to do I kind of wished we’d done another day because we did run out of time fitting everything in. While we were over there we were able to do our pregnancy announcement and I was SO SO EXCITED to do it with Mickey Mouse! I kept saying to Luke when we found out we were expecting another baby was how amazing will it be if it works out we can announce in Paris and it worked out perfectly!

It was just so magical every bloody minute of it. When we arrived home I was so glad to get into bed and have a decent night sleep but I’m so sad it went so quick! The only advise I’d give to someone who’s going is if your going in February pack like your skiing!!!! Because it’s bloody FREEZING! Poor Connor was so cold he had trouble walking! And take lots and lots of money allocated just for dinners out etc. There’s so many nice places to eat but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

Here’s my top 5 tips for visiting Disney during the winter-

  • Pack thermals for everyone especially for the kids, hats, coats, scarves, ear muffs and fluffy socks are all essentials.
  • Separate spending money so that you have an amount allocated for different things eg. Food&drink, shopping money, taxis (if needed), photo money- at every opportunity you’ll be offered a professional photo- we bought 2 or 3.
  • If your expecting a baby apply for a PREGNANCY PASS!! This was a lifesaver! You need a letter from your doctor which states your due date and you apply for this at the Disney town hall located in the Disneyland park. We used this pass for most rides and meet and greets, you hand over and they will allocate you a time to come back- SO NO LONG WAIT TIMES!
  • If you have room in your case pack food! We took lots of breakfast bars, nutrigrains, mini cookies, snack a jacks, biscuits and pot noodles. Came in handy when the kids were peckish walking round and we weren’t stopping for lunch/dinner soon!
  • Order your kids autograph books and lanyards before you go. I got the kids personalised autograph books which were amazing and I ordered them lanyards from eBay- this was purely to add to their reveal at Christmas because Disneyland was their Xmas present. But when we were looking round the shops these items were soooo expensive over there!!! It’s another added expense you can do without.

I’m so glad me and Luke can tick Disneyland Paris off our to-do list and it ended up being at the perfect time now we have a baby on the way. The most magical way to 1 announce our pregnancy and 2 kickstart 2018❤️


Ps if anyone’s going and has an questions to ask please leave your comments or get me on Twitter or instagram I’m happy to share any advise or tips! ❤️

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