Cute twist on pigtails! 💁🏼‍♀️

It’s been a while for a HOTW post hasn’t it?! This weekend mills asked for something fancy but wanted pigtails so I thought I’d just freestyle it 😂.

First of all I sectioned the top of her hair and tied it up into a little ponytail making sure you have a section over each ear to braid. I then split the actual ponytail in half and starting with her left side I started to Dutch braid back, once I reached the pony tail I added sections into the braid and then tied into the first pigtail. I did the same on the other side adding in the second half of the pony tail too. I added a little multicoloured bow I made for Millie a year or so ago just to jazz it up a little and we were good to go. If I braid I usually braid wet hair unless we’re in a rush!

Let me know how you get on girls!

For more hairstyles visit hairstation under the main menu! All styles perfect for your little princesses. Here’s one of my favourites👉🏼 A DIY perm style!  

leave your comments below👇🏼


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