6 months pregnant 💙🤰🏼

This past month has gone so bloody quick I swear. We’ve had lots going on, trying to get our new house sorted and getting all the paperwork done for it, as well as sorting Connors birthday party out and his birthday which is on Tuesday! This is my last full working month this month and I’m kind of excited to start slowing down a bit. When I tell people I’m due in August I get mixed views, some say “oh my gosh not long”! Which is totally how I feel, and then others say “oh you have ages to go still” and seem shocked- which I’m not always sure how to take!😂

Emotional state- emotions aren’t too bad at the moment touch wood. Luke will probably disagree and tell you different but sometimes I wonder if it’s pregnancy hormones or just because I’m a female! 🤷🏼‍♀️

I am starting to get uncomfortable and I keep questioning if 25 weeks pregnant is too soon to be struggling at night time, but I keep being reassured it’s because it’s my second baby and everything kicks in a lot quicker after you’ve done it once already.

Cravings- cheese has been my solid craving throughout this pregnancy and it’s still a very firm fave of mine. But in the last couple of days I’ve felt the need to scrub my hands with soap a bit more and the smell of bleach in the bathroom over the weekend was more than satisfying, so I’m wondering if my bleach cleaning and soap scrubbing obsession is coming back from when I was pregnant with Connor.

Tummy changes- As I’ve mentioned above I’m uncomfortable now and night time can be a battle sometimes. But I can see when baby’s led on one side of my tummy so my tummy goes into an egg like shape and becomes very tight. We can feel him everywhere and he’s on the move constantly which is a blessing obviously. And why don’t I remember peeing 2500 times a day with Connor?! Because I swear I didn’t, this time round I only have to look at water and I need to go. Baby likes to use my bladder as a cushion quite often and becomes very regular during the evening! Sometimes when I get up I can’t quite stand up straight because there’s that much pressure I’m almost sure I’ll pee on the floor!😂

Things I’ve learnt from my googling obsession- Google’s been great for finding out different fruits and vegetables that baby is the same size of, so I’ve got all the sizes of baby so far this month, I have a couple of baby apps which like to tell me these little facts and how much he weighs so here they are….

At 22 weeks he was the size of a papaya fruit.

At 23 weeks he was the size of an ear of corn.

At 24 weeks he was the size of a zucchini.

He’s also weighing roughly 600g which is about 1.5lbs and is about 12 inches long.

This next month I think is going to go just as fast as the last one, moving house and getting the new one sorted and taking time off work before my maternity kicks in. Scans and apps at the hospital with my doctors and midwife etc so I’m going to try and enjoy this busy month to come!

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