My 10 wardrobe essentials for surviving a summer pregnancy!

Ok ladies I’m going to be brutally honest, I am MELTING!😰😰 I am a sun worshiper usually, always sat catching some rays in the garden or abroad but this summer I’m pretty much sitting this one out which as you can imagine, I’m devastated.

I often open the wardrobe and just stare into the abyss that is my amount of clothes, but as always I grab the same trusty outfits that are helping me survive this hot, sweaty weather. So I thought why not share with you guys as I’ve noticed we are going through a huge baby boom right now!! So to all the fellow pregnant mamas- I feel ya pain!

1. Stretchy thick strap midi dresses, you can get these for £6 each in primark at the moment and I’m living in them! I’ve always been a size 8-10 so I’m currently picking these up in size 12 so there’s room. No word of a lie I must have about 8 of these dresses.

2. A couple of stretchy boob tube maxi dresses. Fortunately I’m fitting in the couple of maxi dresses I had before pregnancy as they’re quite floaty and I buy tall too so the bump hasn’t caused them to swing at my ankles! Both my dresses were from new look and next.

3. Vest tops- again I’ve bought 5 or 6 of these in size 12 so they’re not too tight. Primark is excellent for these at £2 a vest!

4. 2 pairs of stretchy, long palazzo trousers again, I picked mine up from primark- a blue pair and a pink pair. These are great for dressing up if your going out or have an occasion to go to and nothing to wear!

5. Short sleeved midi dresses. I have 4 of these in different colours and you can pick them up from primark for about £8. They’re tight fitting so are a little more flattering and come in all different styles/colours.

6. a pack of 2 maternity string vests. I got these from boohoo and they were £8 for the pair. One grey and one black and they’re perfect for throwing on with leggings.

7. Leggings. Leggings have been my life saver but I will say I won’t be complaining if I never see a pair of these again after pregnancy!

8. Maternity jeggings. Again I ordered a couple of pairs from boohoo and they are great.

9. Lots of short set pyjamas!!! I don’t know about you but going to bed at night is impossible without the fan on at the moment so I picked up a couple of pj sets from primark and live in big long tshirts in the evenings to keep cool.

10. I’ve had to replace all my bras this pregnancy as I’ve gone up almost 2 sizes so a handful of primark tshirt bras are a must have and a couple of pretty ones from new look do the job just fine!

Hopefully some of these bits help my fellow preggos out, has been brilliant for the few actual maternity bits that I have purchased. Places like primark have been brilliant for me because I’m not interested in paying out a fortune on actual maternity clothes and dresses. So getting lots of stretchy dresses in a size bigger has done the trick perfectly and with primark prices it hasn’t broke the bank.

All links have been provided for the boohoo items ladies! Your welcome!


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