Romans 6 months!

It’s only me, I know I’ve been MIA quite often over the last 6 months but I think I underestimated my ability to become super woman- *rolls eyes*.

So much has happened since I last wrote 3 months ago, the kids have lots going on and so do we, so when I used to sit down in an evening and write, I now sit down in an evening and prop my eyes open with match sticks to watch some telly with Luke before dragging my tired arse to bed.

Working from home has been busier than ever, my little beauty room has been a godsend and is now in continuous use most days. While this is a huge contribution to my exhaustion it’s also my little escape. I can disappear for an hour or so at a time and have a gossip and catch up with my clients. I’m very lucky I get to be a hands on present mum but come on, we all need some quiet time and I get that through working from home. If I didn’t have my beauty room? God i’d loose my shit I think!

Connor and Millie are doing fine, Connors doing so well in school I’m really proud of him and how he’s coming on. His ability to make me laugh with his outrageous one liners or off the cuff remarks is crazy. He’s really getting in to his football as well at the moment although it hurts me slightly sending him out in the cold weather!! Millie has just passed all her dance exams and has moved up in all her classes, she’s continuously prancing round the house or roping Connor into doing these little shows in his bedroom! She’s been staying a bit more recently which is lovely when she asks to stay another night because it means she does enjoy being here and spending time with us and her brothers so we’ve adjusted her arrangements slightly so we have her a few extra nights a month. Both kids are as crazy as ever, but both are besotted with the littlest and are such big helps to me round the house ❤️.

Roman, god how my little piggly is 6 months old already is beyond me. It’s actually quite scary how consuming life is and how quickly it passes by. So much has changed with my little meatball since I last wrote Roman’s 3 months old! And he’s his own little character now. He looks just like his brother and daddy although everybody says he has his mummy’s eyes 🙌🏻. As Roman is coming into his own I keep pulling out old photos of Connor and comparing them and I genuinely had Twin babies 6 years apart!

Crazy right?!

Romans feeding has settled tremendously since the last post- and it was kinda true what the doctors said, everything calmed down once Roman was over 3 months. He eats everything! I will do a post on weaning Roman and what I give him in detail but I mostly blend all his foods myself so he’ll have baby porridge for breakfast, he’ll have a little fromage frais yogurt in the afternoon and at 7pm he has his dinner which will either be a pot I’ve blended myself for him (mostly sweet potato and all the veg I can cram in) but on occasions I’ve made big meals such as casserole or a roast dinner he’ll have that puréed too. He’s started eating the snacks now that look like giant wotsits and he has already got his favourites which are Ella’s kitchen strawberry puffs and the carrot and parsnip puffs.

I’m loving exploring all the foods he can try now, he’s been having porridge since 4mths but now he’s 6 he can try so much more and he loves all his dinners! He also loves a slurp of water or very diluted baby squash after he’s eaten and he’s starting to get the hand to mouth coordination down so as soon as he’s doing a little better with that I’ll try some led weaning.

Teeth are on their way, but I do wish they’d hurry up and poke through. The last 2-3 weeks he’s had the usual symptoms of teething, rosey red cheeks, warm, and chewing and dribbling on EVERYTHING. He’s full of cold at the moment so he’s feeling extra sorry for himself!

I’ve just started taking him to a baby sensory class with my cousin as her baby is 6 weeks younger than Roman and they love it! I missed out on all the baby classes with Connor because I was young and didn’t want to do them on my own so wasn’t interested but this time round I’m loving them as much as Roman! We start swimming with the babies in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait for that! It’s so lovely having someone else that’s in the same boat as you with kids and working and keeping everything ticking over. It’s reassuring that your not insane ha!

Life’s hectic and there’s no signs of it slowing down any time soon but I love it busy and wouldn’t have it any other way. Racing after the kids and ferrying them here, there and everywhere as well as working and doing it all with Roman in tow- our mission for feb is to have our holiday booked for June, Keep up with all the kids and keep stress levels to a minimum (something I struggle with). my birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and this year we’ll have all the kids together as it lands on a weekend so that’ll be nice- I’ve already told Luke what he has to book and where I want to go 😉

I’ve also got my ducks in a row and written a couple of posts that are all scheduled to be posted days apart so keep an eye out for them and don’t be alarmed if my posts clog up your inbox! I’m trying to get back into the swing of things!!

Any new mummies out there reading this let me know your thoughts on feeding, where your at with your baby and how your getting on I love reading the comments!


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