Meal ideas for your 1 year olds!

Hi guys,

So over the recent weeks I’ve been asked what type of meals I’m giving Roman For lunch now he’s 1, and to be honest it can be really hard thinking of different things to try and not falling into a routine of the same things day in day out!

So I thought I’d jot down a few ideas and examples of what I give him and if it gives another mum something new to try with their baby then I’ll be happy.


Roman loves an omelette, I’ve only just recently tried this and it’s been a total hit!

  • 2 eggs
  • Splash of blue milk
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Chopped ham and/or tomato

So far I’ve only made him cheese and tomato and cheese and ham but you can throw anything in there as long as it’s safe for them to eat. I’ve also learned a super easy trick since having kids that are impatiently waiting for me to make an omelette in the frying pan, if you mix your ingredients up and pour onto a kids plate and pop in the microwave for 3-4 mins it comes out perfect to cut up into fingers and still soft and fluffy enough for little ones to chew! Your welcome!


Oh my goodness does my Roman love a crumpet! Smothered in butter and marmite is his favourite but he’s also known to eat cheese topped crumpets and peanut butter.

Cheese toastie fingers

This ones a good one that’s really quite filling like the omelettes. We’ve got a toastie maker so I do him ham and cheese (he only eats one half) and I cut up into little fingers for him. It does take ages to cool down so I try and cook it before he’s hungry!

Breadsticks and dips

Roman loves breadsticks and recently I’ve started giving him the cheese dunkers and humous and he’s such a fan! Now I’ve tried these with carrot sticks and it doesn’t quite work yet as the carrots are too hard so he just sucks all the dip off but breadsticks eventually just snap in his mouth or go soft so he does end up eating the whole thing. You could also try cucumber sticks or peppers! Warning: these are so messy so brace yourself!


Big fans of a sandwich finger here, especially if we’re out as some of the others can be messy or need cooking! So ham, cheese, marmite, jam are all go-to’s in our house!


  • Cucumber fingers
  • Grated cheese
  • Vege crisps (kiddilicious ones are #1)
  • Pink or vanilla wafers
  • Chopped grapes
  • Soreen fruit bars (apple or strawberry)
  • Yogurt topped rice cakes (another fave)
  • Frubes
  • Home made Dorito style chips- (A plain wrap heated under grill or in frying pan and then cut up into triangles).

I find now, Romans eating is brilliant and I don’t really worry like I used to about what I give him, I still stay clear of all the normal crisps (walkers etc) and I I try and boil carrot sticks and hard veg like that to soften a bit but other than that he does tremendously for eating.

He loves his mummy’s home made chilli and spag Bol, loves fish fingers, sausage and mash and tuna pasta and still enjoys my roast dinners chunky blended (he won’t eat it separately for some reason).

I enjoy exploring food with roman so much and I’m always on the lookout for new things to try! I’ll keep you posted, and if you’ve got some interesting meals or snacks to share leave them in the comments!!


Everything that is written in my posts are from my own opinion, experiences and points of view. Pictures used are my own and are only used for mumonamissionsite.

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