January’s monthly Make-Up Haul! 2020

Some people may not know but I have a real makeup obsession. I’m not too horrendous with spending so I’m always testing and trying out the well known cheaper brands of makeup on the hunt for my new “must have” products.

I’m an Estée Lauder girl, and have always been obsessed with their primer, double wear pressed powder and double wear maximum cover foundation. I’ve tried and tested a lot of high end brands over the years mostly of foundations, and I always come back to Estée Lauder. This doesn’t mean I don’t have my trusty drug store products though, and when I noticed I was running low on some of them I thought it was a prime opportunity to have a little Superdrug Haul of some of my favourite budget makeup products.

Revolution Matte Base Concealer- £3.00

Great coverage, absolute bargain at only £3 and I use it around my eyes and brows before I’ve drawn them on.

Revolution Pro Fix Fixing Spray- £5.00

Not too heavy or wet, I love a setting spray and even though my make up can hold quite well I do have oily skin so the matte fixing spray just keeps my makeup in place without the shine from my skin.

Revolution Matte Base Bronzing Powder-£3.00

I was in desperate need of a new bronzer, but I’ve been noticing lately most bronzers I find have a shimmer in them or highlighter and I like mine quite matte because I already have a good highlighter, so this bronzer is perfect!

Collection Incredibrow Kit- £3.99

I’m in love with these brow kits. I usually go between this kit and the marvelbrow kit but there’s a huge price difference between the two and at £3.99 for this one it’s a no-brainer!

Revlon Colourstay Foundation- £12.99

I bloody love this foundation, it’s a thick consistency, has great coverage and is a great price! Stays put all day and is my go-to for every day wear. When I go out or want a full face of makeup I wear my Estée Lauder maximum cover foundation underneath and colourstay on top and it lasts all night!

Maybelline Matte Maker Powder- £3.99

Perfect for matifying or fixing shine in problem areas!

Superdrug seem to have some brilliant deals on their collection and revolution makeup at the moment so hurry to snatch a bargain!

These are my every day products that I use, I have a couple of bits that are bigger and a lot more expensive but I hate over using them so I only use those on days or nights out, these products do amazingly for every day wear! I’ve reviewed some high end foundations here for you all to read through, I’ve also got a brilliant skin and beauty hacks post here to help with any problems you may be having! So give them a read and leave your feedback in the comments section below!

Happy shopping! Ox