AK meals for 1+ year olds, and swapping our go-to’s for healthier options.

Ok does anyone else feel immense pressure to make sure their toddler is eating everything they should be, getting their 5 a day, avoiding the drive-thru’s and just all round keeping them healthy?! Not just me then!

As I’ve said before Roman’s a brilliant eater so 9 times out of 10 anything I give him he’ll eat. But it doesn’t mean I don’t question what’s in most things, how healthy a pre-made meal is or scan the ingredients of bags and boxes of food.

Since roman turned 11 months I have been buying the AK meals for toddlers. You can get them from any supermarket and are mostly stocked in the freezer section (usually with offers on eg. 3 for £4). Originally I started buying a different brand from the cold section and at roughly £2.30-£2.50 per meal it became unrealistic so finding the Annabel Karmel rage has been a god send, priced at roughly £1.75 per meal but I usually find an offer or 2.

As you can see from the image above, each meal is packed with veggies and all the goodness us mums are desperate to cram into our toddlers! They’re super easy to prepare- grab one out the freezer and pop it in the microwave following the cooking instructions on the back, and most importantly they’re yummy! Roman has a couple of faves that I make sure I get when I’m stocking up each week, chicken and potato pie, pasta bolognese, fish pie and macaroni cheese.

I’ve recently been swapping some of our go-to foods for vegetarian or quorn versions, Connor loves the “meat-free” chicken nuggets that are crammed with protein and he’s never noticed the difference. We’ve swapped normal fish fingers for Veggie fingers, we’ve got veggie burgers, and I’ve gone back to making my own “skin on chips”. I’m a sucker for the veggie fingers by the way, A veggie finger wrap is right up my street!

Now that it’s just me and the boys at home for dinner i can get quite lazy with meals which has never been the case, and this is why it’s so important my freezer is full of good things rather than nuggets and chips. I’ve always loved cooking for the kids and finding recipes that they’ll like, so recently I’ve been trying to get back into that routine. So I’ve gone back to doing home-made curries and bolognese and then with leftovers I just pop them in the freezer and the boys will have them the following week!

When your a working parent it can be so tough making sure everyone’s eating a good meal at the end of the day but do you know what’s helped me? Meal prepping the night before. I love my slow cooker so if I’m making a bolognese, I get all the veg chopped and meat ready so in the morning I just need to throw it in and get on with my day!

Today I’ve thrown a home made Spag -Bol together as I had some veg that needed using in the fridge as well as half a tin of 5beans from last night, and some 5% fat beef mince! Will cook on high for 4 hours and then keep warm until we’re hungry this evening! I’ll put aside a small bowl to freeze for roman as it’s a favourite dinner for him. I’ve got fresh pasta in the fridge so that’ll take 5 mins to cook later, job done!!

Anyone who does struggle to think of meals or snacks to give to their toddlers, I’ve found this cool chart from Annabel Karmel to give parents some ideas! Roman eats a lot of what’s on there so it’s a thumbs up from me!

Any parent who doesn’t have the time every single day to cook from scratch will definitely benefit from the foods listed above. Freezer foods without the unnecessary panic of junk food or high fat – low veg meals. So on days I’ve not had time to cook up a good home made meal I can whip something up out of the freezer!

I have a few family friendly meals on the blog so I’ll list a couple of links below for you to have a browse! If you’ve tried any of these meals or your kids have some favourite veggie meals let me know in the comments, I love hearing your experiences.

Meal ideas for your 1 year olds!

Potato and broccoli hash browns

Weaning Roman

Ham and cheese wrap cakes

Happy Cooking! Ox

Disclaimer- all images used in this post were sourced using google. Everything written is of my own opinion and nobody else’s. If you’d like to be featured on Mum On A Mission or write of us please get in touch!

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